Analyze - Breaking information into parts to explore understandings and relationships

*has an iPad app or works well with mobile devices

*Google Forms:
Survey students to explore understandings and analyze results.
Student Example:
Analyze statistics and various components of a topic with data and visual representation through an infographic.

Visual Thesaurus:
Catgorize, classify, and analyze the relationships between words with a visual web.

Create a word cloud and have students distinguish and identify important words based on size.
Students infer the larger body of text from which the word cloud was created.
Elem Student Example:
Sec Student Example:
iPad apps to try: WordCloud

Word Sift:
Combine word clouds with a visual thesaurus, and see examples of concepts in context.

Students compare and identify characteristics of concepts, people, time periods, etc.
Elem Example:

Students compare and subdivide larger concepts into smaller parts.
Student Example:
Student Example:

Subdivide a concept into smaller pieces.
Student Examples:
iPad apps to try: ScreenChomp, EduCreations, ShowMe

Google Spreadsheets:
Collect and calculate statistics and formulas.
Add a gadget:
Charts, heatmap, scatterplot, motion chart, etc...